Something To Say Close
This song is about being full to the brim of stuff to say, but no one wants to hear it. So you stand there, with your cherry cheeks glowing in a pasted smile, while your insides twitter with fear…

Track running time - 4:59

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Something To Say
I've got something to say about how
My life's been going.
Who's here to listen to me?
‘Cause you see I've a great big crack
In my sounding board,
And I've nowhere left to be.
So I'm standing here with my
Cherries on.
When I search for right I find
All that's wrong.
Yes I'm standing here with my
Scaries on.

As I find my way to the light.
I don't have those lines to define me;
I don't know why I'm here,
Except to make my father fight.
Meanwhile his air-conditioner keeps
Me so cold, and I shiver from the night.
So do you have someplace
I can rest my head?
And then can you furnish my net?
And will you still like me
After I've said my peace. My piece…
Now my super-glue is gone, lost forever.
I hope that that's not true.
‘Cause my kite gets higher and higher
I can't reel it in.
Hey, how about you?