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2008 New Years at JP Hops House. Jen and Dan Ennis
Some of the fun and crazyness at the 2008 Hops House New Years Eve party
Jen, head-shot
Jen at the Fox 26 Studios for the Fox Rox show
Jen with Matt Levine
Play'n on Fox Rox
Jen and Jeff Abrams at the Houston Heights festival. Unique treat, Jen's music with flute!
Jen Rathbun at the Bugle Boy....
Jen and Michael Pope at the Bugle Boy in LaGrange. A great little music spot just outside Houston. A true listening room. Make the trip from Houston, you'll find it's well worth the drive!
Jen playing with all the folks at Camp Stupid (moo!) during the Kerrville Folk Festival. We had a blast guys!!!
Jen and Willie playing at a new art gallery and coffee house in Spring called EB5. A fantastic place, check'em out at Thanks Toby, we had a great time!!
Willie-B's Birthday Bash!
The who Houston crew at 2005 SXSW in Austin, TX
Jen performing at the 2005 My Texas Music Awards. She was nominated this year for "Female Vocalist of the Year".
From the 2005 MTM Music Awards, Jen and the whole band performed. Here's Willie B on lead (not pictured, Jeff Hoofard (Drums), Bob Fusillo (Bass))
More moments from the 2005 MTM Awards show performance
More moments from Jen and the band performing at the MTM Music Awards
Photo by Craig Hartley for the Chronicle Article. Taken downtown Houston, near Deans Credit Clothing
Photo by Craig Hartley for the Chronicle Article. Inside Deans
Photo by Craig Hartley for the Chronicle Article. Downtown Houston
Photo by Craig Hartley for the Chronicle Article. Image from the Houston Chronicle Article
Photo by Craig Hartley for the Chronicle Article. That's our Jen!!
Jen and Willie playing at the "Sunday Sessions" CD release party benefiting the MANNA Food Bank and Aids Foundation Houston
Playing a second set at the Sunday Sessions benefit
New Years Eve at JP Hops House with Jen and the Band. Jen, Willie, Bob, and Jeff
Playin the year away on New Years Eve at JP Hops House
It's a party! T and Jen
Merry Christmas from Jen!
Jen and Willie together again at the Hops House
Songwriter in the round night at JP Hops House featuring Annie Benjamin, Jen Rathbun, and Chris Collins
Jen at the songwriter-in-the-round night. Check out the great Halloween decorations at the Hops House!
Coffee, Chocolate & Men, the album cover
The Band, (L to R) Willie B (Guitar), Jen Rathbun, Jeff Hoofard (Drums), Bob Fusillo (Bass)
The Band with TC Smythe doing backup vocals
Solo set
More Solo set...
The Band (Willie, Jen, Jeff and Bob) with TC again ready for the second set
Jamin during the second set with the whole gang
Final song of the evening. Great party! Fantastic music! Over 100 people showed up for the big CD Release Party at JP Hops House for Jen's new CD, Coffee, Chocolate & Men.
Rehersal for the CD Release Party
The band getting ready for the CD release party
Jen and Willie B playing the opening of the new Borders Bookstore in the Woodlands, TX
Open Mic night at JP Hops House. Jim and Pam have the =best= open mic sound system in Houston!!
Doing the first ever Songwriters Showcase at Cafe Brasil with Chris Knudson and Sharon Bousquet.
Willie B and Jen having a gay old time at the Last Concert Cafe
Jen playing at Willie B's birthday bash!
Jen and Vanessa Peters at the MTM Music Awards. Jen was up for Musician of the Year and Vanessa was up for Female Vocalist of the year
Working with Tony Migliore at Chelsea Studios/Nashville. Photo by Dan Helland.
Recording the new Jazz CD at Chelsea Studios, Nashville. Photo by Dan Helland.
Jen, Joey D, and April Kelly at Willie B's CD Party
There's Willie B with Jen and Chris Collins
Doing the open mic at the Bluebird, Shhhh...
We're really here, the Bluebird Cafe
the webmaster...
Mark Beets and TC Smythe playing at the Beautiful Day CD release party
The GoGirlsMusic showcase at the Rhythm Room in Houston
The Continental Club, Houston; Playing for the KPFT benefit
The National Singer Songwriter Auditions, and the winner is.... Jen Rathbun!
Recording Beautiful Day at White Cat Studios, Houston, Texas
Trying to find just the right piano sound at Studio in the Heights, Houston
Diedrich's, Houston TX
Working with Jack Saunders on Beautiful Day at White Cat Studios, Houston TX
Live on Earthwire.Net
Playing at the Vintage Bar
Promo Pics
Promo Pics
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