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Booking Information

Interested in booking Jen Rathbun?

Jen plays smooth jazz tunes for weddings, restaurants, parties and other venues. Call now to arrange your free one hour audition. Don't have a sound system or piano at your location? That's not a problem as Jen has her own portable sound and portable Korg piano. Listen to samples of what Jen can play at your party here.

Jen is also does original tunes as a solo act, a duo with guitar and keyboard, or a full 4 piece band. Whatever your needs, we're ready for you.

Planning that special house concert? Let us know, Jen will be certain to add a little zest to any ordinary house concert.

For more information, please contact us at
Sixerdoodle Music
Houston: (281) 685-1455


Jen Rathbun
   Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

2006 - JP Folks Music Awards nominee for Best Cabaret Album and Best Cabaret Song 2005 - MTM Music Awards Female Vocalist of the Year nominee
2004 - MTM Music Awards Musician of the Year nominee
Platinum Plus Universal Recording Artist
Winner National Singer/Songwriter Auditions

You're in a smoky little club downtown. The crowd is noisy, self-involved. And then this gorgeous blonde fires off an amazing riff on her keyboard. Conversations die down as she begins to croon out a jazz ballad. It's not some throwback oldies cover, but a pull-forward, nouveau cabaret, this-genre-ain't-dead-'til-I-say-it's-dead fresh new sound. Some guy in back shushes the drunk at the next table -- he feels that immediate connection. She's telling him that, "All I want is you / ... / My lips are licked / I'm not that strict / This'll take a minute or two." The song ends and the audience cheers enthusiastically. He is momentarily weirded out -- it had seemed as if she was singing just to him, but they all must have heard it. Then she's moaning out, "I feel nasty / ... / I'm with him / But you are near / Tickling my thoughts / And teasing my fears." It's obvious to him that all the others are mistaken. It's him she's singing to. Later he'll tell his girlfriend, a little sheepishly, about the powerful contact he felt and she'll look at him funny. She's a little smarter than he is and doesn't tell him how that blonde gave voice to her own innermost thoughts when she cried out, "Why are all the good men / Married, buried, or gay? / Why do all the wrong guys / Seem to head my way?" Maybe her soon-to-be-ex hadn't heard, “Some things are better rich like coffee, chocolate, and men.”

Those two may not stay together much longer, but they are sure to join the cadre of loyal Jen Rathbun fans. Houston jazz devotees follow her from venue to venue and snap up her CD's like junkies seeking a fix. There's just no one else out there doing what she's doing, just no one else out there who seems to be singing just to them. Each has there own favorites: "Cool Cat", "Cereal Rag", "Doctor of Love", "Coffee, Chocolate & Men"--she calls out for requests and the air fills with shouts of twenty different favorites.

Listen and judge for yourself. See if she doesn't have something to say just to you.

By M. Phillips & C. Bass

Industry Quotes

What the Industry is saying about Jen Rathbun and her latest album Coffee, Chocolate & Men …

Week of March 30th - The single Married, Buried or Gay is #1 on TexasTop40!!

"Houston, Texas has finally taken notice of the jazz singer with many of the same features as Marilyn Monroe. You would swear looking at her “live” pictures in the Houston Chronicle that you were transported in time and were listening to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, or one of the great torch singers of the past. No one in the music business today, writes jazz like Rathbun. She is one of the best composers of music in that genre ever. She takes you back to the greatest days of jazz, big bands, and the speak easy way of living during the 1920’s. What a rush being at one of her concerts. Fan of Bette Midler or Rosemary Clooney? You’ll absolutely love Jen Rathbun." – Mikel Gore - Entertainment Headline News Editor

"It's no wonder that Jen Rathbun has been nominated the Female Vocalist of the Year in the State of Texas for the Texas Music Awards. The houston jazz star has the greatest jazz album ever and Billboard's review "brilliantly produced tawdry jazz album" is exactly right. This album is worth whatever you have to pay for it. It's absolutely sensational.” – Music Editor

"If Jen Rathbun were an actress in the 1940s, she would have owned the part of the smart dame who wore killer suits and spouted off snappy one-liners. Instead, she’s a modern-day musician who sings and writes clever tunes loaded with personality ... “Coffee, Chocolate & Men” is recommended, especially if you are looking for something beyond the dime-a-dozen covers album." -

She’s one of the best I’ve heard and has a real chance at making it big.” - Robert Metzgar, three-time winner of Cashbox’s Producer of the Year

Quite possibly the sexiest album ever recorded.” - Lucky Boyd, music critic, advisor, and co-founder of after hearing Coffee, Chocolate & Men.

" of the best new songwriters I've heard in a long time." - David Fahl, singer/songwriter, Real Folk Music Record Co.

"Every now and then an artist comes along with something unique to offer. Jen Rathbun does just that....” - Chris Collins, KPFT 90.1 FM, HAAM Radio Show DJ and co-founder of the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians

"I loved her songs. Nasty was the sexiest song I've ever heard.” - Joanne Sprott, coordinator; The Harmony Coffee House

Sampler Live Recordings

Jazz Standards

Original Tunes

Who is Jen Rathbun?

Born in El Paso, TX, Jen’s been singing since she was knee-high to tumbleweed. Her grandparents, who raised her, bought Jen a piano when she was 6 years old. She started piano lessons at age 7, and grew up playing for church services and school choir shows. In high school, she won first chair at a regional voice competition, and began voice lessons, paid for by a generous, but anonymous benefactor.

Fleeing the hot dusty deserts of El Paso for the mountains of Colorado, she earned a degree in vocal performance at The University of Denver. However, Jen suffered from performance anxiety and knew she’d have to make a living somehow. Since music was the only thing she knew, she decided to go to Colorado State University, where she earned a masters degree in music therapy.

An internship brought her to Houston, where she stayed on at a hospital that treats brain-injured patients. She used the rhythm in music to guide a patient’s abnormal gait pattern into normal walking. For those who had trouble talking, Jen sang familiar songs with patients to help them produce words. Unfortunately, nobody knew about music therapy, and Jen always felt like a fish out of water.

Jen always dreamed of performing. With the help of her husband, and a little maturity, she began to sing at open mic’s all around Houston. Amidst a sea of guitar-picking folkies, Jen was the lone keyboardist in the crowd, playing an eclectic range of tunes from humorous to girl angst music. She was a misfit again.

But this time Jen prevailed. The guitarists admired her talent and she was welcome at every open mic she attended. With increased confidence, Jen entered The National Singer/Songwriter Auditions in 2003. This time, the uniqueness of being a keyboardist set her apart from the other zillions of guitar players. She won the auditions.

The prize was a trip to Nashville to play at the famous Bluebird Café. Some well-known music industry professionals made it out to see her, and one well-known producer, Hall of Famer, Robert Metzgar, snatched her up on his label, Platinum Plus Universal.

With his guidance, Jen explored the realm of jazz cabaret and blossomed. Her knew CD, “Coffee, Chocolate & Men,” offers a salacious mix of humor and sexual innuendo.

Jen lives in Houston with her husband, three cats, a turtle, and a fish.

Press Photos

photo by Craig Hartley
by Craig Hartley
8x10 press pic from Houston Chronicle article
photo by T. Struzik
by T. Struzik
8x10 press pic from the
Coffee, Chocolate & Men photo shoot
Photo by Dan Helland
by Dan Helland
from the Coffee, Chocolate & Men
studio sessions
High-Res copy of above image High-Res copy of above image High-Res copy of above image
photo by T. Struzik, Art-work by Aaron Geis
by Aaron Geis & T. Struzik
from the Coffee, Chocolate & Men
album liner notes
Coffee, Chocolate & Men Album Cover
Coffee, Chocolate & Men Album Cover
High-Res copy of above image High-Res copy of above image

Jen Rathbun
Partial Song List

Jazz Standards
  1. I can’t Give You Anything But Love
  2. I Only Have Eyes for You
  3. Am I Blue
  4. Blue Moon
  5. The Days of Wine and roses
  6. Good Morning Heartache
  7. How Long Has This Been Going On?
  8. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
  9. Misty
  10. Miss Celie’s Blues
  11. I could Write a Book
  12. Satin Doll
  13. Makin’ Whoopee
  14. Ain’t Misbehavin’
  15. Summertime
  16. Cry Me a River
  1. If I Had You
  2. Someone to Watch Over Me
  3. Our Love is Here to Stay
  4. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
  5. More Than you Know
  6. Turn Me On
  7. It Had to Be You
  8. Frim Fram Sauce
  9. Georgia
  10. This Can’t Be Love
  11. Black Coffee
  12. Blue Skies
  13. Gee, Baby, Ain’t I good to You
  14. Chances Are
  15. What a Wonderful World
  16. Hey Big Spender
  1. All I Want is You
  2. Coffee, Chocolate, and Men
  3. Cool Cat
  4. Doctor of Love
  5. Red Stiletto Mood
  6. In My Bedroom
  7. Married, Buried, or Gay


Houston area

  • The Vintage Bar
  • Yale Street Coffee House
  • Harmony Coffee House
  • Cosmos Café
  • The First Tee
  • Café Brasil
  • Ovations
  • 19th Hole
  • Last Concert Café
  • Austen’s Bistro
  • Borders Books on Kirby
  • Jumps Bar
  • Benefit for City of Tamina
  • Super Happy Fun Land
  • The Magnolia Hotel
  • International Festival: Reliant Stadium
  • Ace Theater
  • Mardi Gras Grill
  • Diedrich’s Coffee House
  • The Continental Club
  • McGonigal’s Mucky Duck
  • JP Hops House
  • The Rhythm Room
  • Caps Piano Bar
  • Dean’s Discount Clothing
  • The River Café
  • Quillen’s Coffee House
  • Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Borders Books at Meyerland
  • Thoreau’s Cabin
  • Anderson Fair
  • Richmond State School
  • Carrie’s Coffee Mill
  • Tommy’s Seafood
  • EB5 International Cafe
San Antonio
  • The Cove
  • The County Line
  • Sam Houston State Univ.
  • Barn Stage
  • Guero’s Taco Bar
Albuquerque, NM
  • Double Tree Hotel
Nashville, TN
  • Bluebird Café
  • Hall of Fame Lounge
  • It’s All Good Cafe
Radio Shows
  • Humble Time! Radio: Freiheit, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • KPFT 90.1: Houston, TX
  • The Jazz Excursion: Parker, CO
  • WAER 88 FM: Syracuse, NY
  • GoGirls Music
  • Houston-Fort Bend Songwriters Association
  • Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians
  • Girls-N-Guitars


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