Monday Blues Close
Copyright©2003 - Words by David Garver & Jen Rathbun
Music by Jen Rathbun
Track running time - 3:40

Verse 1
Woke up this morning,
Couldnít get out of bed,
I was facing that thing
Iíve really come to dread
Itís Monday.

Meeting at eight, meeting at ten
The ink exploded from my fountain pen
Itís Monday

Verse 2
Eyes wonít focus,
Canít tell what I was doiní
Need a lot of coffee
To make sense of this desktop ruin.
Hateful Monday.

All out of vacation
Canít stand this vocation
On Mondays


Verse 3
Those golden handcuffs,
Got me tied and bound.
I need a change of attitude,
Or my soul is gonna drown,
Some dreary Monday.

Raining at the bus stop
Left my lunch on the counter top
This Monday

Gotta get out of this rat race
Just donít know if I can face
Another MondayÖ