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As humans we like to compartmentalize, put things in a drawer, in order to make sense out of them. We label them, put them away, and then we’re supposed to understand them. In my struggle to belong, I never knew where or who I was supposed to be, but I always knew I was a Libra. I didn’t have to find it, I just was…

Track running time - 2:04

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I am a Libra;
I never know exactly what I want.
I am a Libra; I always go,
Where all the others haunt.
Everyone knows that I'm a Libra,
A balancer of scales of sorts.
Everyone knows that I'm a zebra,
Neither black or white, of course.
I am a Libra, of that I'm sure,
But curious about the rest.
I am a Libra, and white is pure,
But black is surely the best.
Everyone knows that we are vivas,
We're all a part of one.
Everyone knows that we're amoebas,
So why can't we have some fun?
Everyone knows that I'm a Libra,
A zebra, a diva, amoebae. A Libra.