It's Gonna be Alright Close
It’s Gonna Be Alright is a song I wrote to myself, obviously. It’s about finding comfort from within, no matter what people say…and no matter what I say…

Track running time - 4:35

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It's Gonna Be Alright
Little freckle face, please don't be afraid.
I am watching over you.
You know everything's gonna be alright.
So you can rest your head tonight.
It is all right here
Packed inside your heart.
And you are the only one
Who can open it.
So look around in there
And you will find the key.
And in there you can find me.
Oh it's gonna get
Much easier you know.
You'll see in no time at all
The sun will come out.
You already know
That you can stand on your own,
But I'm here and you are not alone.

Now's the time to be braver than before.
Remember to leave room to forgive.
‘Cause no one else will be
Harder than you are.
Be kind, be kind, be kind
To who you are.