Driving Song Close
life in the big cityÖ.

Track running time - 2:55

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Driving Song
Use your blinker, bozo!
How hard can it be,
To raise your hand so slightly?
And once youíre in my lane,
Get youíre head out of your ass.
All you need to do is hit the gas.
People like you, put the red in my eyes.
People like you,
Should just stay home otherwise.
If you use your blinker,
Pay attention to the dash.
And turn it off before I do something rash.
We wonít go into cell phones.
By now you know the pitch.
Youíll make me look like such a bitch.
People like you,
Make my head want to spin.
People like you, are a waste of good skin.
When I use my blinker, just let me in.
Youíll be two seconds later.
Geez! What a sin!
And donít you dare cut me off.
And go the damn speed limit.
Green means go you stupid idiot!
People like you, make my nerves fray.
People like you, give me premature gray.
People like you have brains made of clay.
People like you are gonna pay some day.
People like you, should just get out of my
Freaking way!
Thatís you and you and you.