Another You Close
We all go through phases, when we worked downtown, when the kids were little, when we were dating so and so, when we had the mustang. These things and people re-define you, into another you and another you and another you…

Track running time - 4:44

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Another You
Hear me, my voice is softer these days.
Under the haze of grown up, chin up,
I shouldn't be afraid of
What he has made of me...
And slowly comes
Into focus something new,
Easy does it, I go through another you.

Taste me, I'm not so sweet anymore.
My innocence was a bore.
Tepid, insipid, my edge is gone;
I drowned it in all my wrong...
And all I hear, and all I fear around me.
Takes me back, but I can't feel it anymore.
I can't feel it anymore. Anymore.
Spare me, all your hopeless regrets.
No taking bets on us.
Give me room to take hold your hand.
Don't try to understand me...